Canon Printer

There are four models of Canon printer-

  1. Pixma
  2. Maxify
  3. Laser
  4. Selphy


Due to powerful features packed into incredibly compact bodies, PIXMA range of home and photo printers offer a high-quality printing solution. It takes whole creative control of your images with the PIXMA. With Powerful software of this outstanding inkjet printers range is designed for simplified yet stunning, quality prints. Its sleek, stylish and compact design truly compliments its quality, speed, and efficiency.

Canon printer setup


Canon printer setup

Canon MAXIFY takes whole creative control of your images. It is devoted to Support you by giving high-quality photos and images. Canon MAXIFY ultimately built to meet your all printing requirements. This robust design has Maximum Print Speed and Quality Performance to multiply your business. Especially built for heavy-duty usage, this reliable printer meets all your printing demands with personalized effective outputs.


Canon Laser Printers produce high-quality graphics and texts. Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process that takes complete care of your images.

Fast print speed with Excellent Design meant for New Age Business Enterprise takes complete care of all your printing needs. Canon Laser Printer provides Enhanced Security Solutions with more Advanced Personalized Usability.

Canon printer setup


Canon SELPHY is not only attractive due to its glossy and incredible design but it delivers awesome printing quality to meet your needs of printing. Canon SELPHY meets all your printing requirements. Concise, Effective, and Portable printer with a variety of print functions and inherent User-interface guarantees for a fun-filled printing experience and Exceptional Usability and Intelligent Digitization packed with functions.

First Time Setting Up Canon Pixma E4270 Install

  1. To begin with, turn on your printer. Make sure that its “Power Lamp” is properly lit.
  2. Now, press and hold the Wifi button located on the top of the printer. Keep it pressed till the alarm lamp flashes once.
  3. Once the lamp next to this button starts to flash blue, approach your access point i.e. your router. Press its WPS button within 2 minutes. A blue colored Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will continue flashing while searching, and the power and Wi-Fi lamp will flash when connecting to the access point. As a successful connection is established between the printer and router; power and WiFi lamp will stop flashing and remains lit. 
  4. Now, you must confirm that it has successfully configured the printer by printing out the network settings of your printer. As such, carefully load a sheet of A4 sized plain paper. Then, Press and hold the Resume/ Cancel button until the alarm lamp flashes 15 times. Thereafter, release it. This will print the network settings page. Here, you must confirm certain details. The “Connection” status should be “Active”. The SSID – Service Set Identifier (the name of your wireless network) should indicate the correct name of your wireless network.
  5. This completes the WPS setup. Proceed, now, to installing the software/ drivers to your computers so they can command the printer. 

Installing the Software Driver on Computer

  1. First and foremost, open an internet browser on your computer. Then, type in in the browser’s address bar. Next, you should click on “Go” to open the webpage.
  2. Consequently, it will redirect you to the Canon website for Printer Setup. Here, click on the Setup link. 
  3. Now, follow the onscreen instructions and prompts carefully. 
  4. Next, it will open the Product Selection screen. So, you must type in Canon Pixma E4270 Printer as the product and press Go.
  5. Thereafter, specify Your Region correctly when prompted to “Select Your Region”.
  6. Subsequently, you will have access to the download link. Hence, click the “Download” tab. As a result, it will start downloading the setup file on your computer.
  7. Additionally, it may prompt you to choose the Save location for the downloaded file. You should do the needful as requested. 
  8. It might take several minutes to complete the download. Wait patiently for the same. 
  9. Now, open the downloaded Canon Pixma E4270 setup file.
  10. As a result, a small Setup window will appear. Hence, click on the Start Setup tab.
  11. The next screen will prompt you to select your region. Hence, specify the appropriate Region. Then, click Next
  12. Thereafter, it will present you with the Software License AgreementScroll it down and Select Yes. 
  13. The subsequent window will seek your permission to participate in the Extended Survey ProgramRead all the details. You may decide to Agree or Do Not Agree. Click the option as per your decision.
  14. Now, it will take you to the Firewall Setting window. Therefore, tick marks the box that says Deactivate the Block. Click Next.
  15. The next window will display the chosen Connection method. You must verify that the printer and router details are correct. Click Yes to proceed if the details are correct.
  16. This will begin the Setup for your printer. Depending upon the router and its network settings, you might be prompted for certain details. “Select Wireless Router” window may pop up. Here, select the correct router and enter the network key or the password and click Next.  
  17. The next screen will display the Setup status as processing. You must wait for the process to complete. 
  18. Once it is done, you will be notified of the following window. Click Next on the Network Connection Completed window.
  19. Thereafter, it will redirect you to the Test Print screen. Run the test by following the on-screen instructions. You may note that your printer must be loaded with plain paper to run the test. 
  20. Click Next on the Setup Complete window.
  21. Next window will ask your permission to install any additional software. Make the appropriate choice and click Next.
  22. Click Next again on the following window.
  23. Now, it will take you to the user registration window. You can either click Skip to override this process or Click Next for User Registration. If you want to register yourself as a user, follow the instructions for the same. 
  24. Final screen declaring Completion of the Installation appears. Click Exit to leave the Installer.