How to setup hp wireless printer on window 10
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How to setup hp wireless printer on window 10

Have you recently picked up a Hp wireless printer but have no idea or knowledge of how to connect on Windows 10? Don’t worry, because, in this blog, you will get all the information on how to connect an HP wireless printer to your Windows 10 Computer. Some of the users may say that connecting a Hp wireless printer device to updated versions of Windows computers is not an easy job but the fact is, it is very simple to connect.

Before you start connecting your Hp printer to your computer, ensure that you have connected the hp printer to your own wireless network. The process to connect the hp wireless printer to the wireless network might be all different, as it totally depends upon the manufacturer of the network. The good thing is that the advanced hp wireless printers sometimes automatically detect the wireless network of your place and also automatically get configured to its IP as per experts at HP Printer Customer Service Number.

Below are the following Steps to Connect a Hp Wireless Printer to Window 10 PC

Power on your hp wireless printer
• Go to the Control Panel of your HP wireless Printer using the command.
• Find and select the Network Set-up option from the list.
• Select Wireless Settings then choose the Wireless Set-up Wizard option from the list.
• Follow all the instructions from the list to select your network
• On your computer, search for Devices and Printers option
• Therefore, Click on option “Add Printer”
• Your computer will search and find your hp wireless printer
• You will get your hp wireless printer name in the search results
• Click on your hp wireless printer to select it.
• Enter Wireless Password for security (using the touchpad keyboard which will be shown on the printer control panel)
• Then, Click on Next after entering the Wireless Passphrase
• Your hp wireless printer will then start and get installed on the computer properly
• Thus, you can Click right on the HP wireless Printer to select properties
• Give Print as A Test Page to make sure that your hp wireless printer is connected and working.
By the above following procedure properly without skipping any single step, the users will surely end up connecting the hp wireless printer to the computer on Windows 10 version. But often, the users get in a type of dilemma while implementing the steps procedure. If that happened, it is requested to the users to immediately dial the HP Support Phone number which belongs to HP support customer care. The tech experts at HP Customer Care Number will surely respond immediately and they will help you until you don’t manage to connect your hp wireless printer to the computer.

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